ADAS Calibration in Burlington, North Carolina

Let the Experts at CarSmart Collision Ensure Your Safety with ADAS Calibration Services

About ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are the modern sensor-driven safety features found on many new model vehicles. If your car has blind spot detection, automatic braking, or other such safety systems, you have an ADAS. Because the ADASes are sensor-driven, the sensors must be precisely aligned. Proper alignment ensures they catch what they’re supposed to and don’t give false positive results when seeking out dangers on the road while you’re driving. Following a collision, you might need your ADAS recalibrated to realign the sensors to their precise locations. If you need ADAS recalibration, your best course is to bring your vehicle to CarSmart Collision at our new Burlington, NC location. Our team of talented technicians will use both static and dynamic calibration to bring your vehicle’s sensors back into alignment and ensure your safety on the road.