Please use a reputable shop when getting your car repaired. Your life may depend on it.

This car was brought to us for a very minor rear bumper repair. When we removed the rear bumper, we found damaged rear bumper reinforcement, rear body panel, lt and rt rear rails and floor pan. This would cost over $6000.00 to repair properly.

This car is not safe to drive. If it ever gets hit in this same spot again the energy management system that is engineered into to this vehicle will fail. You can see in the pictures were the rails and reinforcements have absorbed the energy from the last accident. They are collapsed. Another hard hit and the occupants of the vehicle could be harmed or killed because of this.

This must be replaced.

When you open the trunk and remove the inner trim where the spare tire is you see where they tried to hide the damage with seam sealer and sound deadening pads. If you ever see sometime like this when you are looking at buying a used car or after your car has been repaired. STOP. Do not buy or take delivery of the car.

hide it with seam sealer and sound absorbing pad

Hide it with seam sealer

Bumper reinforcements when damaged must be replaced. This part is clearly still damaged and not safe to be used.

Should have been replaced

Please make sure wherever you have your car repair you are using a reputable shop that is current on its I-CAR Training.

Written by CarSmart Collision